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Video production is one of the best ways to advertise your business. Whether it’s for a website, educational or promotional material… perfected video production is a must to get your message across to your target market. Our number one priority in any video production is to make sure you stand out strong above the rest, engaging your target and exciting them enough to think or do what you want them to.

  • Be one step ahead of your competition

  • Appear on top Google search listings

  • Share your message in social media

  • Reach more consumers

  • Entertain, educate and inspire others

  • Influence shoppers to purchase

  • Increase your sales

  • Grow your business

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Mobile Wraps specializes in producing corporate, web and TV commercial videos for the automotive industry.

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Corporate Videos 90%
Web Commercials 85%
TV Commercials 75%
Music Videos 80%

With over 12 years experience in video production we know have the very best techniques and technology behind the camera, along with the confidence that comes knowing the finished result will connect with your audience. Our staff in Toronto have produced corporate videos for some the world’s leading brands: Mazda, Audi, Sony, Activia, Danon. But we don’t stop there.

A corporate video production comes in many different flavours: you may want to articulate your core proposition, build your brand equity, or substantiate your differentiators. Mobile Wraps also works to help you get the most value from video, helping you integrate a strategy into the marketing mixCrucial when determining a product or brand’s offer.

Video is Booming! Those who are using video today are experiencing the results of its great power. No other medium communicates more in less time or with better results. Since the introduction of the web, Video has quickly become the fastest growing segment of internet advertising and is expected to be in the top of ad spending in the next 5 years.

  • The web is economical

  • Expose your business on YouTube

  • Show what you have to offer

  • Get discovered by new customers

  • Improve Customer Attention

  • High Perceived Value

  • Builds Your Brand

  • Save Your Money

We combine strategy, creative ideas, integrated marketing communications, innovative technology to deliver results for our Clients.

Our creative team in pre-production (scripting and conceptualizing) will help bring an idea to life and turn it into marketable voice that can speak the language of your target audience – we want results, which is what matters. Offering online media content combined with broadcast (television) and cinema outputs, provides our clients the opportunities to reach the largest audiences possible.

Our Music Video Production offers very reasonably priced HD video productions at a world-class standard. We have a full complement of production gear and directors with international experience in both the video and music industry.

Our range of gear includes camera cranes, dollies, steady-cams, multiple HD DSLR cameras and a choice of quality lenses. This is complemented by a full lighting rig and sound PA system, foggers, strobes and more. Additional equipment, crew, practical effects, costumes, makeup and extras can be arranged on request. We can also supply graphical animation and arrange green/blue screen compositing.

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