How much does it cost to wrap a vehicle in vinyl?

This is a very popular question we always get… A wrapped car may cost between $1000 to $2700+. Why This Difference? The cost varies depending on the size of the car, the complexity of areas and the finish that is required to complete the vehicle wrap project.

Is it worth it?

Auto wraps are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week advertisement for your business. Whether driven on the highway or parked, potential customers can see your message and branding as they go about their daily business. There is no “hard sell.” It’s easy, effective advertising that reaches your target audience with a minimum cost.

  • Reach 30,000-70,000 Visual “Hits” Per Day

  • Lowest Cost Vs. Other Advertising

  • Most Cost Effective Outdoor Advertising

  • Reaches Consumers Not Or Lightly Exposed To Newspaper Or Television Advertising

  • It Goes “ Wherever You Want It To Be Seen”

  • Single Or Fleet Becomes Mobile Billboard

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Durability and Effectiveness

The Life Of The Wrap Is 3 To 5 Years Depending On The Level Of Quality You Wish To Purchase. We Have Teamed Up With 3m, Avery, And Other Leading Vinyl Manufacturers To Offer You The Best Warranties In The Industry Against Fading, Chipping, And Damage To Your Vehicle. So If You Are In A Competitive Field And You Want A Very Effective And Affordable Edge On Your Compititon Then I Strongly Suggest You Call Mobile Wraps And Become Noticed By Millions. Get Noticed…..Get Wrapped.

More Auto Wrap Benefits

Your Vehicles Become An Investment And Not An Expense Businesses With Delivery Or Service Vehicles Are Well Positioned To Utilize And Leverage Their Mobile Wraps Since Their Vehicles Are Always Being Driven Around Town In Their Target Market In Front Of Potential New Customers. Also Reflective Graphics And Lettering Give Instant Visibility 24 Hours A Day Glow In The Dark Gets Your Message Out And Remembered Even When There Is No Light At All.

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