quoteJust wanted to give you a HUGE THANK YOU! We love the car, everyone in the company is just saying how AWESOME it looks. Our vision could not have come true without you! We knew you were the right person to do this when we met with you and you said very little 🙂 Thanks again, and always keep your passion alive! Thanks!

Vinti Kendall
Design + Brand Management


The IMS Car Experience

This featured Fiat Wrap project is truly one of a kind. We were able to captured the futuristic vision that IMS was after to promote their new connected system that delivers the ultimate connected car driving experience. The IMS Connected Car Experience is fully loaded with the latest technology available through the DriveSync® platform – it enables drivers to remain connected to the outside world through automotive Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies that enable key driving services to be delivered directly to the driver while in the car. IMS representatives are ready to take you on the open road for an experience like no other with this Fiat 500 Wrap. More about the technology

Gallery: Fiat 500 Wrap. Car Application Process

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